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Greeting from CEO

SEWOO is a manufacturer of high pressure pipe assembly for construction equipment and
high pressure tube assembly & welding assembly for aerospace and is composed of two (2) companies.

Since 1985, SEWOO Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing high pressure pipe assembly
for Construction Equipment such as excavators and wheel loaders and is the first Korean
company equipped with an integrated and automated production line system in the
industry by introducing state-of-the art technologies and equipment.

SEWOO Aerospace Company, established in 2007 , specializes in high pressure tube
assembly and welding assembly for aerospace and hydraulic cylinder pipes & structural
pipes for construction equipment.

With global competitiveness in Quality, Delivery and Cost, we have been making contributions
to the global market as well as the Korean market by exporting to America, Europe and Asia.

Based on the philosophy of respect for human beings, Sewoo Company and Sewoo Aerospace
are committed to the future of dream and hope, and will do our best as a company that responds
to environmental and industrial development through continuous research and technology development.